Digital CCTV

Digital (IP) CCTV systems and solutions are considered to be a critical part to any security programme. VIP takes the latest technologies in camera surveillance equipment and creates a solution that is tailored for you and your own needs.

Using network (IP) based cameras and systems we can build anything from a single camera solution (using edge recording) through to an integrated and multi-location system.

The critical key to achieving successful outcomes for you and your camera system is ensuring the networking and IT structure is managed correctly and that is where (with our training and education programme) VIP stands out from the rest. We have the expertise to build a network or to work within your own existing one.

VIP Security fields a number of Engineers and Technicians whom are certified and trained in such areas as Cisco Switches, Microsoft Engineering, Wireless and Wi-Fi integration and Networking. The ability to work in with your IT department is a critical aspect associated with Networked Camera Systems and this is an ability that VIP can and does meet.